The art of Renata Sinclair has obsessive and repetitive characteristics within a free-form random approach. Her methods have expanded both her physical and mental boundaries, breaking away from purely visual limitations, helping her move from the restrictions of 2D in new directions. These experiments are highly detailed and often contain numerous unplanned lines. More recently Sinclair has investigated the use of everyday objects as her media. She is facing the challenge of breaking the preconception that mundane materials can only be associated with traditional crafts.

Being Italian, born in Brazil and living in the UK for many years, Sinclair appreciates the warm welcome of the cosmopolitan art world – maybe all the more in such strange times – and in return she brings the perspective of someone well-travelled, with a broad experience of life, of different cultures and languages and with a view of the world through a Latin lens, immersed in British life but not belonging.

Sinclair’s practice is influenced by current affairs. This is not simply for the sake of it but to reflect where she is personally involved and where her feelings are engaged. She calls her art a self-portrait but she doesn’t always unmask a true meaning: sometimes this can be too personal and would not always be acceptable to the viewer. She wants her work to be enjoyed first and foremost for what people see. If then they want to know about meaning, she will give, to a greater or lesser degree, an explanation of the background, revealing without laying bare.

Sinclair is currently studding MA Fine Arts at University of Brighton.